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Handheld tablet

Email surveys

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Collect fast feedback



Why are your golfers happy or not? In eight seconds you get both overall satisfaction and ratings of your chosen factors. Is it, for example, the staff service, the course condition or the golf shop assortment that needs attention?

The second page is optional to give every respondent a positive survey experience (and continue to give feedback when they come back) and with this approach you will on average get 50% to give the detailed ratings that are deeply analyzed. This unique GreatRate method automatically sends action plans for continuous improvements where it is most needed. You can also follow the trend for each factor and get a clear view over both strengths and weaknesses. We would recommend a floorstand kiosk at the exit or a handheld tablet out on the course to get extra fast feedback.



Are the golfers in your club likely to recommend you to friends or colleagues? Net Promoter Score (NPS) uses the scale 0-10 and answers that question by only considering the top 9 and 10 as positive. This makes NPS a powerful way of making sure the results show people who would actually recommend your club. 0-6 are detractors - people who may tell friends or colleagues not to visit your club.

In most cases we recommend you use this in combination with a deeper analysis and specific questions that we have good options for.


Actionable insight

Results & Analytics

Cloud based admin with powerful segmenting

Reach all data instantly in the fast and flexible cloud based admin - wherever you are, on your computer or mobile. Create surveys with ease and use our vast range of charts to view the results.

The segmentation panel lets you pick the correct time span, collection point and survey. You can even use each option in the survey to filter the results. For example, you can show answers specifically from dissatisfied respondents. An adaptable hierarchy will work for any team size and the user specific access gives the structure your team needs.



Many club managers and staff members state that they listen to their golfers. However, what does that actually mean?

Usually they have an annual survey that is not in connection with the time of the experience, or they refer to the personal contact they have with the golfers. In the first case - a traditional survey - the feedback is soon out of date. In the second case - conversations about the weather or the pace of play - the feedback is more direct but not that systematic. And sometimes wrong.

To describe this further let’s look at a report that shows the difference between what golfers say is important to them, and what is actually important when it comes to recommending the club to others, keeping them coming back and other vital effects. The respondents were asked to rate several factors which were analyzed to see what had actually impacted their overall satisfaction. They were also asked to say which factor they thought was the most important to them. And the results showed that the golfers' own guess - Pace of play - actually had the least impact out of all factors according to the analysis.

In that report, Course conditions had the greatest impact on satisfaction and its positive, long-term effects. Pace of play and other factors were more related to the expectations the golfers had on themselves or other golfers. What this tells us is not that you should stop having conversations with your golfers - staff service is an important factor - but to question if you are using the best possible collection method.

Combining recurring feedback with the ability to get an analysis that points out the most important factor is more in tune with todays’ demand for fast feedback and ongoing improvements. Add to that the ability to identify if it is for example the bunkers, fairway, green or tee that needs immediate attention and you are fully equipped to get both an overall trend and clear action plans.

GreatRate can be used on different platforms to reach your golfers in the most effective way possible. What suits your golfers - a floor stand at the point of leaving, a mobile survey, an email survey or maybe a tablet they bring with them on the course?

You are in great company

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Case study

Features Image

Type: Golf Club
Respondents:1 258/month
Completion rate: 51%
"We've had great benefit from GreatRate. The feedback can be followed up immediately and we can see the change day by day. We can control our own survey and tailor it to our business. In real-time, we find out what to improve and what parts are our strengths. A Very easy-to-use and affordable tool"
Jan Monier
Club Manager
Bråviken Golf Club market themselves proudly as The Friendly Golf Club. They have taken extra steps to suit every players need. For example added extra tees for juniors and beginners, made the course obstacles more varied and upgraded the caterer in the restaurant. They have courses that fit everyones need, an advanced practice area and thanks to wonderful nature and an impressive club house even hosted weddings. Keeping up with the golfers opinions on the different parts is not an easy task with old methods. With GreatRate they can monitor the satisfaction continuously and prioritize the right improvements.
Bråviken Golf Club uses GreatRate for two main purposes.
1. Measure satisfaction level and find factors that need to be improved.
2. Monitor the course condition and act fast when a problem occurs.

For these two purposes the floorstand kiosk was chosen to collect the golfers feedback before they leave.

Measure satisfaction - and take action
To measure overall satisfaction a floorstand is placed at the exit of the reception. The first question is: "How satisfied are you with your visit?". A second page, with factors to rate, is optional. This makes the survey experience good for every respondent. In this case 51% of the respondents choose to go to the second page. Compared with a survey that only has one question, a GreatRate survey gets far more actionable data. The factors on page two are: Course condition, Staff service in the Golf shop, Assortment in the Golf shop, Staff service in the restaurant and Menu in the restaurant. Each week the manager together with the board members use the automatic Action plan that points out which factor they need to prioritize at that time. Compared to their old method - a survey once a year - they can now monitor the trend for each factor to be prepared before something turns into a big problem. During a period they saw a decline in satisfaction regarding the restaurant. This resulted in a new caterer which increased satisfaction.

To keep the golfers satisfied with the course they schedule periodic surveys regarding Course condition. They use the same logic as in the basic survey, but have different questions. The question on page one is: "How satisfied are you with the course condition?". The factors on page two are: Tee, Fairway, Bunkers, Green and Surrounding area. The automatic analysis clearly points out when one or more of these need attention.